Buying a Pool

Why Buy A Pool?
Ten Reasons to Take Home the Life You’ve Always Imagined

A pool enhances your life and turns your backyard into an everyday vacation spot. These are not our words, but the claims of current pool owners.* If you’re thinking of buying a pool, listen to those who have already: the benefits of pool ownership are not just perceived notions but facts, including:

1. Enjoy Quality Family Time
2. Create an Outdoor Oasis
3. Stay on Top of Your Fitness
4. Increase Your Home’s Value
5. Soak Your Worries Away
6. Beat the Summer Heat
7. Safe Play for Kids
8. Gathering the Neighborhood
9. An Economically Smart Choice
10. Create Lasting Memories


1: Call the pool doctor for a FREE site evaluation!                              603-329-4754 or 603 234 2292 (in ground)

2: We will then help determine size, shape, and style pool that truly fits your needs and budget

3: We will then prepare the site and deliver the pool

4: The pool will then be installed and filled with water. Aboveground pools take as little as one day and an in ground will take as little as one week

5: once your pool is installed we will show you how to operate. We are always here for any questions and offer FREE water testing at our store!

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